Staffing Advantage, Inc.

Staffing Advantage is commited to concentrating on the best usage of staffers for that particular customer. We would like to utilize our resorces in fashion that will best fit your needs. Staffing Advantage would like to successfully reach your standards of productivity and profitability by the following commitment:

  • All aspects of servicing your company will follow guidelines outlined by the Client.
  • Our sales representatives will be assigned to monitor all aspects of your needs, and evaluate how we might better service your account.
  • If there is a large group of employees on a project, your sales representative will be present to check each individual in with you to ensure proper and adequate personnel coverage for your project.
  • If needs are so great that we need an on-site staffing person, one will be provided. 
  • Staffing Advantage, Inc. will conduct all the advertising and marketing campaigns (Job Fairs, Internet, Newspaper, Employment ads, etc.) as well as going through the interview process to find the right candidate that fills all the requirements for your company. We will hire only candidates with the experience in the position you need.
  • We will conduct all the background verifications needed for applicants, including but not limited to, criminal background and drug test before activating them to your company.
  • Staffing Avantage, Inc. will be 100% responsible for all your employees.
  • We will provide W-2 payroll management, Worker's compensation insurance; Tax payment and government reporting, Federal and state unemployment insurance, employee relations and problem resolution.
  • We will deliver checks to your company to your company every Tuesday or pay day set by your company, if requested by the company.
  • Our service also includes Temp to Permanent positions that will help you evaluate candidates for 3 months before transferring them to your payroll.
  • Staffing Advantage, Inc is Certified Women's Business Enterprise. As such, we are eligible for New Hire Tax credits, and may elgilble also for Work Opportunity Tax credits.

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