Staffing Advantage, Inc.

Employee Guidelines

Work Rules 

*Report to work on time every day and complete the assignment.
*Staffing Advantage is your employer- never call client direct.
*Follow Client's policies on breaks,lunch,dress,smoking,parking and so forth.
*If you are sick or will be late, call or email Staffing Advantage Office. 
 770-614-9550 /
*If there is an emergency, have your family call your Staffing Advantage Office, we will get the message to you.Never leave the job without telling Staffing Advantage.
*Keeps us informed of your availability for work and your current address and phone    number.You must have a telephone.
*The drinking of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on the job. Any employee doscovered under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to work.
*Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn on the job at all times.
*You should not perform any task unless you are trained to do and are aware of the hazards associated associated with that task.
*Be helpful, honest and flexible and show a good attitude.

Time Sheets

*It is your responsibility to have time sheet filled out correctly.
*Fill in start and finish time each day and subtract time out for lunch.
*Total hours at end of week or assigment.
*Have supervisor sign time sheet to verify your hours. You will not be paid if your time sheet is not signed.
*Time Sheets must be to Staffing Advantage by noon Monday.
*A new time sheet wil be included with your pay check each day.


*You are an employee of Staffing Advantage and you are paid by Staffing Advantage.
*We take deductions such as Taxes and Social Security, wich are required by law.
*Checks are processed on Tuesday.You may pick up your check after 4:00pm on Tuesday.
*We offer direct deposit to Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Suntrust, Chase, Regions Bank and BB & T Bank only.

Safety- No Drugs Policy

*Report any safety concerns immediately to your supervisor and Staffing Advantage. If you are ever injured on your assigment, you must contact Staffing Advantage immediately. We will tell you where to go for medical attention. You will be tested for drugs or alcohol at time.If you test positive for either, Staffing Advantage will not be responsible.

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