Staffing Advantage, Inc.
About Us
Welcome to Staffing Advantage Inc, the #1 source for great people and great jobs. We are a professional organization that helps employers find the most cost-effective ways to get work done. At the same time, we help talented people find the jobs that best fit their skills and interests.

Having happy employees equals better job quality and better overall performance, that's why we treat our employees with the respect that they deserve. Many other staffing firms just simply pick up the first person they find just to cover the vacancy available in your company. At times the firm doesn't even know who the person is who they placed in this position. A lack of personal attention and care differentiate Staffing Advantage,Inc from others.Every time you call our office someone will be happy to assist you immediately.

Try our difference in the market and we guarantee that Staffing Advantage, INC. will be your partner in success.
If your business is looking for more effective ways to find and manage talent, it means Staffing Advantage, Inc can help you solve your most critical human capital challenges. And our specialized professional business lines allow us to provide our services in a more targeted way across a number of different industries and sectors.

Over a decade of success

Staffing Advantage was founded in 2000.Over the years we've built a reputation for providing
outstanding employees and, unparalleled customer service. We've helped hundreds of local
employers to solve their staffing challenges, and we helped thousands of our friends and
neighbors to find rewarding employment.
As we look to the future, we look forward to continuing to improve our services. We look
forward to providing the support our clients need to perform at their optimum level. And we look forward to the opportunity to work with people like you!

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